Sessions are 60 minutes long

You’ll be working directly with Robert Rudelic, B.S., N.M.T., M.E.S.  
Sessions conducted by phone, FaceTime, or Skype

“Get clear! Get unstuck! Get results! I help you get out of your own way and let yourself through by eliminating what’s holding you back – be empowered and confidently get what you want and achieve your goals!”


The Power Is At Your Fingertips!

No matter what you are working through or where you’re coming from, my strategies will greatly accelerate your success and unlock the power inside you and help you maximize your full potential. If you want to be truly great at anything, such as being a great athlete, or a great musician you cannot achieve it without a coach. No matter what your ambitions in life are – from just getting through a difficult time to being a successful entrepreneur, or to prosper at anything you do, personal coaching can be essential to transforming your goals into reality.


Coaching Testimonials

Ryan Harris – NFL Veteran, All-Pro Honors, Super Bowl 50 Winner

“I’ve been using Robert’s PowerTapping technique my entire career. It’s a great tool that’s helped me perform in very high stress and important situations throughout my career. I defiantly recommend PowerTapping to anyone looking for an extra advantage in their performance – they WILL see results!”

Laurie Daniels – Equestrian and Business Professional

“Robert’s program is life changing and I recommend it for anyone with self-confidence issues – doubt in themselves to achieve their goals, ideals or desires, dealing with physical issues, anything that they allow themselves to be limited by or unable to manage. Anyone living a fear based life and not able to reach their full potential, or seeming to hit a block. Robert’s program can change all that!” 

Denise Glassman – Business Owner

”Thank you Robert for your generosity! I had a grueling, but necessary session with a marriage counselor and she helped to delineate the overall landscape of my marriage relationship. We won’t be needing her help any further thanks to you and your coaching methods. I needed to kick my performance into high gear and was looking for something more effective. Thank you, thank you!”

Parker Moore – Graphic Artist

“When Robert introduced me to his coaching protocol, I was initially skeptical but figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. The process was simple, quick, and frankly not very intense at all. What was surprising is how this simple process did uncover some deep emotions and issues that weren’t revealed until immediately after working with him. There was also a sense of real connection and progression through the issues. I found Robert’s work to be a very positive and immediate experience, particularly in comparison to more traditional therapy.” 

Pat Boyle – Self-Employed Entrepreneur

“Robert – thank you for your coaching. In our last session, everything you touched upon was right on the money and I was aware of those things; knowing I was angry with myself for not knowing how to let go. It was good to be acknowledged by someone in authority, such as yourself.  I will continue using what you’ve taught me… I believe in what you’re teaching. Thank you.”

Mike Ambrose – Professional Golf Instructor

“I am a professional golf instructor, and after following the program that Robert tailored to meet my needs, my performance as a golfer has improved dramatically. I’ve passed on to my students what I have learned from Robert and they have also benefited. Thanks to Robert I haven’t missed a round of golf in a year. Robert is uniquely qualified to help athletes at all levels.”

Sylvia Richmond – Gladstone Institute

“I’ve been working with Robert on my weight problem. As usual, I would lose 10 pounds, and gain 15. The roller coaster has been ongoing since my childhood. Robert has been able to help me focus on some of the emotional stumbling blocks that have been interfering with my losing weight. With just a few questions he figured out where the problem areas are so we went to work on them. I have lost 34 pounds and I continue to want to lose after 4 months. Usually, by the end of one month it was too much work and I would give up. Even though I still encounter roadblocks, we work on them together and it’s onward and downward with the weight!”

Marcus Knight – NFL

“With Robert’s coaching I don’t waste time thinking negative thoughts, I’m out there concentrating on how to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.”