Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible

The art of PowerTapping is introduced in a very interesting and informative way with easy to understand charts and figures, and is also a guide to starting and maintaining a PowerTapping practice. In this eBook you will learn how PowerTapping works at the subconscious level and quickly brings about real change. PowerTapping goes beyond working to manage or diminish a problem or issue – it gets rid of it – permanently.

PowerTapping is a breakthrough approach to problem solving. Using this scientific approach, you will immediately have the tools to eliminate the beliefs and emotions that get in the way of your success. This technique goes way beyond using visualization and positive affirmations. You learn step-by-step procedures for permanent change – change that is imprinted on every cell in your body. You will no longer be held hostage by past experiences or traumas. PowerTapping is a revolutionary path to peak performance, emotional well-being and optimum health. Many people prefer PowerTapping to traditional forms of psychotherapy because it’s simple, has no recurring cost, and it gets quick results. Read Excerpt…


Anything Is Possible (eBook)

You may purchase the eBook alone or together with the other products (see the discounted bundles below). Also check out the Emotional Power Training series of audio recordings, which are bundled with this eBook.


PowerTapping – Basic Strategies for Success (video)

This video includes a step-by-step how-to demonstration of the basic PowerTapping techniques. Your questions will be answered in this stylish, one-on-one interview featuring San Francisco radio talk show host Bonnie Colleen asking Robert Rudelic questions about his working with The Oakland Raiders and other professional athletes, along with his work on the movie set of “The Longest Yard”. (Run time: 46 minutes) Special bonus: footage of Oakland Raiders Training Camp interviews.


Anything Is Possible / PowerTapping – Basic Strategies for Success (bundle)

This bundle includes Anything is Possible (eBook) and the PowerTapping – Basic Strategies for Success (video).

Savings: $4.95